Hi! In case ANYONE is wondering what the hell I was listening to while I wrote this story, I have the answer. I couldn’t have written Prude if I didn’t constantly have music in my ears. Even at an early stage I had my playlist made and kept adding on it as months went by. It helped me get focused on the story and the characters a lot. If you want to check it out, it’s on Spotify. I hope you enjoy it and maybe find some new artists you didn’t know (I didn’t know most of them months ago).



A couple of valuable lessons

I know that no one reads this blog (yet), but I am updating because I’m really trying to be better about it. Consider it an exercise.

Since the release of Prude a couple of weeks ago, not much has happened, but I have learned a couple of valuable lessons:

No. 1) I should have sent my book to bloggers MONTHS ago. I knew bloggers were busy, but I had not realized how SLAMMED they were (see what I did there? If you haven’t read Slammed yet, buy it and read it NOW). I have sent several submissions and only got one reply (thanks Lisa at True Story Book Blog!), but who knows how many months it will be before I can get a review from a blogger. However, since I am on the subject, I just want to take a moment to say how much I appreciate all the work and the promotion they do for authors out there! #BloggersRock

No. 2) The kindness of people will surprise you! I have told friends and family about the book, but I had not expected the positive reactions all around! Everyone has been sharing about Prude on their Facebook page and they all seem to love the story as much as I do, which is such a relief for a newbie! And since I just hosted a giveaway, I am already getting some positive feedback from readers!

No. 3) it’s hard to promote your book and write the next one at the same time, especially when you have a full time job and two kids. So I almost feel like I have to just sit aside promotion for “Prude” and let it run its course, while I can focus on writing the next story I want to write. These characters won’t leave me alone and when I don’t write for a few days, I just miss them. A lot.

No. 4) My friend Jennifer sent me this quote she came across the other day: “Imagination is like a muscle. I found out that the more I wrote, the bigger it got.” – Philip Jose Farmer. Well, it must be true, because ever since I began writing a few months ago, my imagination got bigger. So big and LOUD, sometimes story-lines it’s all I can think about, and I wish I would just have the time to sit down and write. So far, Including the one I’m currently working on, there are four different stories I want to write.

So I’ll bid you adieu now, and go work on Novel No.2!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Ok, I always had this very complicated relationship with blogs. Always wanted to have one, never got around to it. Actually, I made one about 6 years ago, It had one post and I never posted again.

But I will be better with this one, I promise!

So, I’ll introduce myself, what do you say?

My name is Hilaria Alexander, I am 35 and I live in Oklahoma City. I always loved reading, and I always dreamed about writing, but I could never bring myself to think what I could possibly be writing about.

Then, three years ago, I got a Kindle. I have always been a paper kind of girl: I love books and one of my favorite past-times was reorganizing my precious paper possessions. Yes, I am a nerd, but if you ended up here, something tells me you like books just as much as I do, so you know where I am coming from.

Owning a kindle was a bit of a revelation for me. Especially with little kids around, you realize how priceless it is to have a small electronic device that is sturdy, will not get ripped easily like paper, can keep your bookmark and so on.

It wasn’t until this spring, though, that I started thinking about a story. Like many of you, I read and loved books from self-published authors like Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire, Tammara Webber, Jennifer Armentrout, Cora Carmack and so on. And something clicked in my brain. Reading all these wonderful stories made me start thinking about other stories I wanted to read, and my mind started wandering.

It wasn’t until this spring, though, that I started thinking about a story called Prude. I knew from the beginning I wanted the main character, Prudence Clearwater, to be a wholesome young adult author that gets mocked for her “tame” writing style.

After weeks of tinkering with the idea, I told myself I had to at least “try” writing it. I had tried writing before, and could never get more than a page done. But this time around, I wanted to keep going, and although it was really hard at first, I didn’t completely hate it. That was a first.

I kept going, and the words kept piling up. I wrote pretty steadily all summer, in the evenings, on my Fit Bike, on top of everything (not getting paid to endorse a fit bike, just a fact)! Later on, I had days, weeks, where I did stall because life got in the way and because I was having a hard time writing a chapter. It seems it took me forever to write the ending too, I knew what had to happen, but it wouldn’t come to me. I ended up writing the end to my story on my cellphone, on a Friday afternoon in November.

And now, thanks to the help and encouragement of a few great girls that believed in this story, my novel, Prude, is finally done and is live on Amazon.

If you ended up on this page after reading the book, let me know what you thought of the story!

Let’s get the conversation going!

Oh, and if you are wondering what else am I gonna do, subscribe and catch up with me on twitter and facebook.

As of right now, I have three stories I want to write. I just have to find the time to do it! 😉